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Noto Sans Devanagari: Part of the Noto font family, which aims to cover all the scripts encoded in the Unicode standard. Lohit Devanagari: Developed by Red Hat, it's a widely used font for Devanagari script. Samyak Devanagari: A Unicode font supporting multiple Indian languages. Mukta Vaani: A versatile and elegant font suitable for both body text and headlines. Sanskrit 2003: A popular font for Sanskrit texts. You can find these fonts on various font repositories like Google Fonts, GitHub, or font-specific websites. Here’s an example of how the word "Kāligaṇḍakī" looks in some of these fonts: Noto Sans Devanagari: Kāligaṇḍakī Lohit Devanagari: Kāligaṇḍakī Samyak Devanagari: Kāligaṇḍakī Mukta Vaani: Kāligaṇḍakī Sanskrit 2003: Kāligaṇḍakī You can download and use these fonts based on your preference and the style you are aiming for.